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What Do I Do basically Like Two Men That Are Different?

Reader Question:

exactly what can I do if I like two men? Both will vary in their own means. I tried to finish the partnership with one of those but the guy stated the guy loves me. We currently cheated on a single of my exes in earlier times, and I don’t want to perform the exact same to my brand new union. I’m not sure how-to stop it.

-Chanel (California)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

This actually is usually a difficult one. You have got two perfectly appropriate boyfriends and you just can’t decide. Before I provide you with a decision-making tip, i really want you to start to take into account the reason why an attachment to two different people seems protected to you personally.

Any of these aspects may help describe why you got your self into this situation, and discovering more info on your very own mental motives can be extremely beneficial.

In the meanwhile, you have got to take some powerful motion or you’ll have two EX-BOYFRIENDS. I think the person who you may have much better dispute resolution skills with is an excellent select.

If you possibly could talk through your problems versus providing both the icy treatment, you have the most significant ability needed for the long term.

And, these are the long haul, I’d additionally pick the man whoever future projects a lot of fit your own website. Ultimately, when breaking up with one: end up being powerful. End up being firm. End up being type. And don’t harm him by waffling or maintaining him as a buddy (back up guy).

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